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Welcome to the Pikkart's AR SDK developer site. Our AR SDK is a software solution that enables applications to see, recognize and understand the surrounding world. It allows developers to easily add advanced computer vision functionality to any application, enabling it to recognize images, objects and retrieve their position and orientation w.r.t. the user device. The Pikkart AR ecosystem is an innovative, stable, complete and reliable software solution ideal for the most ambitious Augmented Reality projects.

Whether you are building an interactive marketing campaign, a game, a great product visualization app or and industrial visualization and maintenance tool, Pikkart's AR SDK has all of the functionality and performance to meet your needs.

Our SDK support both iOS and Android, on ARM and x86 devices, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

On iOS we support only ARM64 architecture.


  • PIKKART AR SDK: a fast, stable and computationally inexpensive on-device detection and tracking system of both detailed natural markers and low-detail logos. Every kind of image can be a target for our detection and tracking system that, in real time, connected to the device camera, do its magic and continuously compute the correct location and orientation of the image (3D Object detection and tracking coming soon). Unity 3D engine plugin also available.
  • PIKKART AR LOGO: AR Logo is a Pikkart proprietary technology that allows you to create multiple “versions” of the same image (marker) by adding an invisible code detectable by our SDK. This allows developers to create multiple augmented reality experiences on the same image. The ARLogo detection is on-device and thus does not need an internet connection.
  • PIKKART CRS (Cloud Recognition): a cloud-based image recognition and retrieval service that is fast, precise, inexpesive and easily scalable. Useful when your app needs to recognize one image out of hundreds of thousand markers or frequently updated databases. 
  • PIKKART CRS API: a complete set of web service REST-like API that allows you to manage the Pikkart CRS image database efficiently and enables you to automate your workflows by direct integration into your content management systems. Comes together with a target manager web app.


Developer Support

Our library of guides, tutorial and the official reference, plus our Forums for quick and practical support.

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