Pikkart AR Logo

Customize your Augmented Reality contents on each marker print.

New AR experiences

Same marker, different triggers.

Customized augmented reality contents on each marker print.

Up to 1 billion unique prints.

How does it work?

With Pikkart AR Logo you can add unique hidden codes to your markers easily:

  • Upload your marker
  • Choose your unique code
  • Download your image file with your hidden unique code embedded
  • Use Pikkart AR SDK to recognize the marker and detect the unique hidden code
  • Customize your contents on each marker print
AR Logo
  • Up to 1 billion unique code
  • No special printer needed
  • Offline code detection
  • 100% right detection
  • Cloud Logo API

Add unique codes to your markers

AR Logo opens to new augmented reality experiences and add new potental to your projects.