Pikkart AR SDK

Build your Augmented Reality apps with a light, easy to use, fast, stable, computationally inexpensive on-device detection and tracking SDK.

Look at the video to understand the robustness of the tracking or download the SDK and try it by yourself.

Easy to use, fast, stable

Build your Augmented Reality app in few minutes. Increase your app features in a simple and scalable way.


AR Logo

Create multiple augmented reality experiences on different prints of the same image. Learn more

Unity plugin and Xamarin component

Develop your Augmented Reality apps and mobile games choosing your preferred development platform.

Geo augmented marker

Add geolocated augmented markers, integrating navigation services and augmented reality.

Cloud recognition with API

No matter how many images you have to recognize. With Pikkart Ecosystem you can integrate your solution with Cloud Recognition. Learn more

Try now for free

Download Pikkart AR SDK and build your Augmented Reality apps in few minutes.

  • Install Pikkart SDK easily with our getting started section
  • Follow up our tutorials for Android, iOS and Unity 3D to build your first Augmented Reality app in 5 minutes
  • Manage your image and geolocated markers
  • Apply AR Logo to your markers
  • Try our Cloud Recognition Service


  • Unlimited local markers
  • AR Logo
  • Geo augmented markers
  • 1 demo (android, iOS)
  • 50 trial cloud markers
  • Cloud API
  • e-mail support

Single license

499/one time fee 299 /one time fee
  • Unlimited local markers
  • AR Logo
  • Geo augmented markers
  • 1 app (android, iOS)
  • Cloud recognition Add
  • Cloud API
  • e-mail support