You can get a marker database info using the Cloud API, by making an HTTPS PUT request to{databaseId}. The request header should include the authorization fields.

Returned data

The returned operation data message contains the following information.

field name type mandatory description
id integer yes the cloud identifier
name string [1 - 50] yes the database display name
code string [1 - 20] yes the code of the database, that you use when you manage your markers
updateDate date yes last marker update date
updateUser string [1 - 50] yes last marker update user
deviceId string [1 - 50] no the device id or website url that call the ws api
operationContextTypeCode integer yes UnKnown = 1,
WebApplication = 2,
AndroidApp = 3,
iOSApp = 4,
WindowsPhoneApp = 5

JSON Returned data example

            "name":"Repository test",
            "deviceId":" webclient",